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Glenn Haigh Financial Services is a full member of MFAA.

We are not only ethically bound under our memberships to respect your privacy and act professionally at all times, but consider this an essential aspect of all our work practices.

Privacy Disclosure Statement and Consent:

We are collecting personal information about you to provide you with our brokering services. The information is required to allow us to assist you in preparing the loan application and locating an appropriate lender. If your information is not provided we may not be able to find an appropriate loan for you.

We may use your information to provide you with offers or information of other goods or services we or a third party may be able to provide you with, unless you tell us not to.

We may disclose your information to other organisations to fulfill the purposes identified (or purposes related to those purposes). The types of organisations we may disclose your information to include:

‌‌‌- Lenders;
‌‌‌- Mortgage insurers;
‌‌‌- Other mortgage intermediaries;
‌‌‌- Valuers; and
‌‌‌- Other organisations which assist us (such as printers, mailing houses, lawyers, debt collectors and accountants).

In addition, we may disclose your personal information to any other organisation that may wish to, or has acquired, an interest in your loan or in our business. You can gain access to the information we hold about you by contacting us. By choosing to use our services, you agree that we may collect and use your personal information as specified above.


I am a broker with over 20 years experience in the Finance Industry
As a Full Member of the MFAA (Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia), I take pride in giving clients not only professional assistance to negotiate your loan initially but ongoing support.


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